18% Grey, White & Black Cards for Digital Camera Exposure & Colour Balance

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JJC 18% Grey (Gray) White Black Cards for Digital Camera Colour Balance Exposure

  • Set of three cards (grey, black, white)
  • Small & portable (13cm x 10cm)
  • Includes a neck strap
  • Metal loop connection
  • Accurate exposure, color balancing and noise reduction tools

A white card allows you to calibrate how your camera sees the colours in a scene by providing it with a neutral white surface to determine its white level. This provides for an accurate colour balance that is superior to your camera's auto white balance function, assuming you continue to reference with the white balance card whenever lighting conditions change.

An 18% grey card is 'middle grey' on the scale of black to white and has average reflectance. By using a gray card in combination with a light meter or your camera spot meter you can determine determine the correct exposure level for your subject, providing an objective reference point for your exposure and lighting decisions.  

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Package Contents
  • 1 x Digital grey card (18% grey)
  • 1 x True black colour reference card
  • 1 x Pure white colour reference card
  • 1 x Strap