3x Professional Sandbags Sand Bag Shot Bag

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Gorilla Film Gear

3 x Professional Sandbags Sand Bag Grip Bag for Studio Lighting light stand

  • High quality product suitable for both amateurs and professionals
  • Durable material with secure stitching; made for regular long-term use
  • Double zip compartments to prevent sand escaping
  • Each bag holds up to 5kg of sand
  • Sandbags are empty and must be filled before use; sand can be purchased from most hardware stores

This is a set of three high quality sandbags. Each sandbag is rated for up to 5kg of sand (sand sold separately) and has a double zip compartment on each side to prevent sand from spilling out. The bags are made out of securely stitched material to withstand the rigors of regular use.

*These sandbags come empty and must be filled before use. Sand can be purchased cheaply in bulk from most hardware and gardening stores. When adding sand to the sandbags ensure that you put an even amount of sand (2.5kg) on each side of the sandbag. A disproportionate amount of sand on one side may strain the stitching and cause damage over time.

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