58mm Fotga MC CPL Circular Polarising Lens Filter

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58mm MC CPL

58mm FOTGA MC CPL Circular Polarising Camera Lens Filter Slim Frame Polarizer

The Fotga multi-coated CPL filter has become one of the leading low-cost options for non-professional applications. They provide exceptional performance for the price with results close to those produced by far more expensive filters and are ideal for amateur filmmakers and video creators who require a budget alternative to expensive filter brands.

***Please note that Fotga filters are not professional grade filters and are not a like-for-like substitute for more expensive filters such as Hoya. We therefore do not recommend them to professionals seeking optimal image quality and consistency.

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Model58mm MC CPL
  • 1x 58mm Fotga MC CPL filter
  • Slim profile design; thin filters are essential for avoiding vignetting when shooting at wide angles
  • Eliminate unwanted reflections
  • Increase colour saturation and contrast
  • Reduce the softness in scenery caused by atmospheric haze
  • Multi-coated optical glass