Aputure Amaran Portable 3 Unit LED Panel Video Light Kit HR672S HR672W x 2

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HR672W x 2, HR672S

Aputure Amaran 3 Unit LED Light Panel Kit HR672S HR672W x 2 Lighting for Video

  • Industry leading CRI of 95+ for accurate colour reproduction
  • Each panel has a brightness wheel and digital brightness display
  • Each panel has a 5500K LED colour temperature; 3200K tungsten filter included
  • All panels have a battery power indicator; unit charges batteries when powered by AC
  • 2 x NP-F970 batteries for each LED light (6 batteries total)

The Aputure Amaran 3 Unit Lighting Kit includes:
* 2 x HR672W
* 1 x HR672S
* 1 x Carry Case

This Aputure 3 unit lighting kit is perfect for a traditional lighting setup. You can key light your subject with the 672S, provide fill with the 672W and use the second 672W as a backlight or background light. As each of the units are dimmable from 10-99%, you have the ability to creatively and efficiently control contrast ratios between the different areas of your image. 


The Aputure Amaran HR672W is a medium-power LED light panel designed to produce a floodlight effect with a beam angle of 75 degrees. Because the beam of light is far wider than its sibling, the HR672S, it provides a more even spread of light and is suitable for use as a broad key light, fill light or background light. The HR672W is therefore not designed for use in situations where greater control over the spread of light is required, for example in a low key lighting setup. 


The Aputure Amaran HR672S is a medium-power LED light panel designed to produce a focused 'spotlight' effect with a beam angle of 25 degrees. Because the beam of light is more narrow than its sibling, the HR672W, the light intensity in the centre at max brightness is far greater. The narrow beam makes the HR672S suitable as a keylight to isolate your subject, back light or rim light. Its focused beam and dimmable brightness make it perfect for low key lighting. 

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ModelHR672W x 2, HR672S