Commlite Cannon EF EF-S to Micro 4/3 Electronic Lens Adapter Iris Control

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EF-M43 Electronic Adapter
Commlite Cannon EF EF-S to Micro 4/3 Electronic Lens Adapter Iris Control M4/3
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This electronic Lens Mount Adapter EF-MFT is mainly used for connecting the 'Canon EF/EF-S series lens' to 'Olympus and Panasonic cameras with M4/3 Mount'. Meanwhile, it can perfectly control the aperture and EV as well as IS image stabilization. It's also greatly satisfy those photography users who need to connect Canon lens to M4/3 camera.

EXIF signal transmitting and being displayed on Camera Screen;
NO-DELAY Aperture control via Camera;
Built-in IS function;
Aluminum Alloy made, powerful and stable;
Gold-plating contact, excellent transmitting effect;
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ModelEF-M43 Electronic Adapter
1 * Electronic lens mount adapter
MANUFACTURER SPECIFICATIONSCompatible Lens EF/EF-S series lensCompatible Camera M4/3 mount cameraFront installation EF/EF-S series lensBack installation M4/3 mount CameraCamera-mount outer diameter 39mmLens-mount outer diameter 67mmLength 70mmNet Weight 89gEXIF and Aperture parameter can be transmitted to Camera and be controlled; Manual focus, can reach infinity focus;The lens will automatically calculate the exposure after set to the correct shooting or video mode;In shooting mode, while the camera shutter can't be pressed down (or with non-lens prompt), please change the settings to 'Release shutter without lens' or 'Aperture priority' .