Gorilla Film Gear Complete Shoulder Rig

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Complete Shoulder Rig
Gorilla Film Gear

Complete Shoulder Rig Video Camera Rod Support System Stabilizer DSLR camcorder

The Gorilla Film Gear complete shoulder rig is a high quality camera support system made out of solid metal components. With a simple streamlined design it is easy to set up and use while offering a range of customisation options.

The shoulder pad distance can be adjusted based on your shooting requirements. The position and angle of the handles can also be adjusted. The camera base can be moved forward and back along the rail rod system to place your camera at your preferred distance, allowing for the addition of a follow focus or matte box. Two 750g counter-weights are also included.

The removable camera plate attaches to your camera via a 1/4" male screw thread. The base of the rig has multiple screw threads for attaching a tripod plate, allowing you to easily mount and remove the rig from your tripod. A top handle with bracket is included for carrying the rig and performing low to ground handheld shots. The bracket has multiple mounting points for attaching accessories such as a magic arm with a field monitor.

  • 1x Gorilla Film Gear Complete Shoulder Rig
  • High quality metal construction
  • Fully customisable rig
  • 1/4" screw thread for attaching your camera
  • Adjustable shoulder pad distance
  • Handle position and angle can be adjusted