E-Image CS-20 Professional Carbon Fiber Stabilizer

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Professional Carbon Fiber Camera Stabilizer for DSLR Video Stabiliser Steadicam

  • Professional grade construction and product quality
  • Carbon fiber material. Weight 1.3kg; load capacity 2kg
  • 1/4 inch screw thread for attaching your camera
  • Height range 29.5cm to 41cm
  • Streamlined, lightweight and portable; includes carry bag

The CS-20 carbon fiber stabilizer from E-Image is designed for DSLRs or similar sized cameras weighing up to 2kg. It is extremely lightweight and compact making it perfect for long shoots where a lot of camera movement is required.

Calibrating a stabiliser can often be a painstaking process but the CS-20 makes this process a lot easier with a clear bubble level. The baseplate has vertical and horizontal grooves running along it that allow the user to mount their camera where the weight is centred. Fine tuning can then be achieved by sliding the baseplate forward or back and locking it off.

Weight counter-balancing for vertical stabilisation is made easier by a friction based height adjustment lock; by loosening it only slightly, you can gradually increase or decrease the length of the stabiliser and thereby adjust the vertical balance.


Camera stabilisers require careful calibration with your chosen camera and lens before use. Without calibration the stabiliser will not work properly and you will experience sideways and vertical camera movement. Setting up your camera for stabilised movement requires:

1. Centering the camera and lens on the baseplate so that the weight is evenly distributed to avoid sideways movement
2. Fine counter-weight adjustment at the base and height contraction/extension to avoid vertical movement.

Therefore we only recommend this product to users who have experience with stabilisers or who are willing to learn how to use them properly. There are many videos available online with detailed instructions.

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