E-Image EI-7505A Professional Extendable Monopod

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E-Image Professional Extendable Camera Monopod Stabilizer with Quick Release

  • Quick-release plate with 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch male screw threads
  • Monopod weighs only 1kg; load capacity up to 10kg
  • Maximum operating height 1.68m; 3 stage height adjustment with snap locks
  • High quality professional grade construction; made of metal, aluminium alloy, hard plastic
  • Streamlined design, lightweight and portable; includes soft case for carrying

The EL-7505A monopod is designed for shooting freedom and mobility. It is a professional grade monopod weighing only 1kg but able to carry up to a 10kg load, making it ideal for run n' gun shooting. It can also be easily extended or shortened with the three-stage snap lock system and has a professional build quality and padded grip for more ergonomic handling. Distinguishing itself from photographic monopods, the EL-7505A has a quick release plate which allows you to quickly mount and unmount your camera for faster setups.

As well as these features, the EL-7505A has a versatile dual-system base. The rubber base is ideal for solid flat terrain such as concrete or a wooden floor: it grips the ground for stability and the metal ball inside allows you to tilt the monopod in any direction while the rubber base remains planted flat on the ground as an anchor point. When using the monopod on grass or other soft non-flat surfaces, the rubber base can be converted to a spike base by simply turning the screw holding the rubber base towards the tripod. This will reveal the spike mount which is very useful for providing monopod stability and support when shooting on grass or similar soft surfaces.

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