E-Image MA-70 Professional Monopod with Fluid Head

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Professional Video Monopod Tripod Fluid Head & Base for DSLR camera camcorder

  • Operating height 0.8m to 1.99m; 3 stage height adjustment with snap locks
  • Monopod fluid base system with metal feet for smooth & stable monopod pans and tilts
  • FC-02H fluid video head with versatile 360 degree pan range and -65 to 90 degree tilt range
  • Quick-release plate with 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch male screw threads for attaching your camera
  • High quality professional grade construction; made of metal, aluminium alloy, hard plastic

The E-Image MA-70 fluid video monopod is a hybrid system designed to combine the shooting freedom of a monopod (MA-50) with the smooth and steady pans and tilts of a video tripod (EI-02H). At its most basic the MA-70 is a professional grade monopod which can be used for run n' gun shooting which can be easily extended or shortened with the three-stage snap lock system. Distinguishing itself from photographic monopods, the MA-70 has a fluid base system which allows you to pan the monopod stick and/or tilt it in any direction.

The MA-70 video monopod has a quality fluid video head which allows for independent pans and tilts. The included EI-02H head is the same fluid head as the one found with the popular FC-270a video tripod except that it has a screw-in flat base. It has pan and tilt locks, a counterbalance lock and a quick-release plate. By planting the monopod feet, gripping the stick with one hand and controlling the fluid head with the other, you are able to achieve smooth pans and tilts with the added freedom to tilt the monopod stick in any direction and vary the shot. A bonus is that you can detach the fluid head and mount it on devices requiring a flat base tripod head, such as slider systems.

Load Capacity:

The MA-50 monopod with the FC-02H head attached supports weights up to 3kg. The monopod with the head detached supports weights up to 6kg. 

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