E-Image Professional 11'' Solid Metal Articulating Magic Arm

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11" Solid Metal Magic Arm Professional Articulating Friction Arm Grip Support

  • Professional grade construction and product quality
  • Weight 300g
  • Load capacity 2kg
  • Solid metal
  • Length 11"

Magic arms have a simple yet flexible design that allows the user to position mounted equipment at any angle. Ball heads at either end provide for additional adjustments while a friction knob at the elbow tightens all joints into place. The E-Image series of solid metal magic arms are thicker, stronger and more durable making them suitable for professional use. 


The load capacity is 2kg. Please note that the solidity of the setup will depend on the chosen angle and the way in which the arm and equipment has been mounted. Ensure that you test the solidity and security of the setup before leaving it unattended.

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