E-Image Professional 3-Stage Tripod Legs with Mid-Level Spreader 75mm Bowl Mount

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Professional 3-Stage Tripod Legs Adjustable Mid-level Spreader 75mm Bowl Mount

***This item includes a tripod only. It does not include a video head.

The AT7402 aluminium tripod legs provide solid support and shooting flexibility. A handle-based leg locking system allows the user to extend or contract the 3-stage tripod legs for easy height adjustments. The adjustable mid-level spreader allows the user to spread or bring in the tripod legs while the feet include both spikes for use outdoors and rubber feet for use indoors. The elevated 75mm bowl design is elegant and compact completing a balanced design.

Height Range:

The usable height range of the AT7402 tripod without fluid head attached is 68cm-151cm.

Load Capacity:

The load capacity of the AT7402 tripod is 20kg.

More Information
  • 1x E-Image AT7402 Tripod
  • Weight 6kg; load rating 20kg
  • 75mm bowl mount
  • Adjustable mid-level spreader
  • Working height (without video head): 68cm-151cm
  • Load capacity: 20kg