Fotga Autofocus AF Adapter Ring Canon EF EF-S Lens to Sony E-mount Camera NEX

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EF/EF-S to E-Mount Electronic Adapter

Electronic AF Metal Adapter Ring Canon EF EF-S lens to Sony E-Mount Camera NEX

  • Mount Canon EF EF-S lenses on Sony E-Mount cameras (APS-C & Full-Frame)
  • Electronic connection
  • Electronic aperture control works with most EF EF-S lenses; IBIS & auto-focus compatibility varies
  • Please see images for lens compatibility information
  • Solid metal construction with metal tripod mount

The Fotga EF to E-Mount solid metal lens adapter allows the user to connect Canon EF/EF-S lenses to Sony E-Mount cameras and control them electronically. The adapter supports electronic aperture control with most EF/EF-S lenses. IBIS & auto focus may be supported depending on specific lens compatibility (please see images). Both APS-C and full-frame sensor E-Mount cameras are supported.

This specific edition of the Fotga lens adapter is solid metal and includes a tripod mount. These features are especially important when using longer or heavier EF/EF-S lenses with smaller E-Mount cameras as the tripod mount and solid metal construction allow you to use the adapter itself as the mounting device instead of your camera, providing for greater balance and security.


The compatibility of lenses with this adapter is generally quite good and the Fotga adapter is regarded as one of the best available. Aperture adjustment is available with most lenses. IBIS & auto-focus compatibility varies. Please see lens compatibility information in the item images section. This list is not complete and is provided as a guide only.

***While electronic lens control is generally seamless with a native camera, electronic lens adapters cannot replicate this functionality. Users may encounter speed and/or compatibility limitations when using this adapter with certain lenses and cameras.

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ModelEF/EF-S to E-Mount Electronic Adapter