FOTGA DP500IIS Quick Release Follow Focus with Hard Stops, 3 Gears & Speed Crank

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FOTGA DP500IIS Quick Release Follow Focus with Hard Stops, 3 Gears & Speed Crank

The Fotga DP500IIS is one of the leading follow focus systems in the sub $500 price range. It is a solid and reliable follow focus with locking joints and virtually no play. This is especially important when using a follow focus in a real world setting as any looseness or 'play' in the system can cause the follow focus to lose contact with the focus ring of the lens which can ruin a shot.

The design and functionality match the build quality. The gear drive and follow focus wheel can be mounted on the left or right hand side of your camera, allowing the follow focus to be operated left or right handed. Also, while many follow focus systems in this price range are prone to backlash problems, the DP500IIS has two levels of adjustable dampening and is known for its very low backlash.

The DP500IIS also has hard stops which allow you to set your focus points before shooting for precision focus racking and pulling. Finally, the quick release system, compatible with standard 15mm rods, allows you to rapidly mount and remove the DP500IIS from your rig. 

This follow focus includes a speed crank and three different drive gears for different sized lenses:
M0.8-38T gear: 38 teeth at an industry standard 0.8mm pitch.
M0.8-43T gear: 43 teeth at an industry standard 0.8mm pitch.
M0.8-65T gear: 65 teeth at an industry standard 0.8mm pitch.


  • Compatible with standard 15mm rods (60mm centre to centre difference).
  • Suitable for all DSLR cameras and video cameras
  • Compatible with industry standard whips and speed cranks.
More Information
  • 1x Fotga DP500IIS Quick-release Follow Focus with Hard Stops
  • 1x Gear Belt (for lens diameters from 46mm to 110mm)
  • 3x Drive Gears: M0.8-38T, M0.8-43T and M0.8-65T
  • 1x Speed Crank
  • Constructed out of sturdy metal; net weight 436g
  • Improved dampening which 2 adjustable levels gives virtually zero backlash (<0.5mm)
  • Long life precision engineered gearbox enables accurate and reliable focusing
  • Compatible with industry standard follow focus whip or crank
  • Can be mounted left or right for right handed or left handed use