Gorilla Film Gear 80cm 32'' Ball Bearing Slider System

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K-S2 Slider (80cm)
Gorilla Film Gear

GFG 80cm 32" Professional Ball Bearing Slider System Dolly Track for DSLR Video

  • High quality solid metal construction; load capacity 5kg
  • Ball-bearing slider system provides for smooth seamless movement
  • Angle and height adjustable legs
  • 1/4 inch male screw thread with 3/8 inch adapter for mounting your camera or head onto the slider
  • 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch female screw threads for mounting the slider onto a tripod

The Gorilla Film Gear K-S2 slider is a high quality ball bearing based slider system that provides smooth dolly movements for camera setups weighing up to 5kg. It is constructed out of solid metal and includes a 1/4" screw thread for attaching your camera or camera head to the slider (a 3/8" screw adapter is included). The legs of the slider are height and angle adjustable and a spirit level is included for balancing the slider. The bottom of the slider includes 1/4" and 3/8" screw threads for mounting the slider onto a tripod system. A carry bag is included for ease of transportation.

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ModelK-S2 Slider (80cm)