High Quality 33'' 84cm White Reflective Lighting Umbrella

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33" White Umbrella
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33" 84cm White Reflective Umbrella

This is a high quality gold reflective umbrella with a width of 33" (84cm). It is generally mounted on a light stand using an umbrella mount (sold separately). While traditionally associated with photography, umbrellas are equally useful for video work in a controlled lighting environment as they can help to soften harder light sources, creating a more even spread of light. White reflective or 'bounce' umbrellas are the most neutral and produce the softest light spread of all the umbrella types.

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Model33" White Umbrella

1x 33" 84cm White Reflective Umbrella 

  • 33" 84cm White reflective umbrella for bouncing light
  • High quality manufacturing ensures the umbrella can withstand regular, long-term use
  • Requires umbrella mount to mount to light stand (not included)
  • Lightweight and portable; ideal for use outdoors and on location