JJC Universal Bayonet Lens Hood for Telephoto Lens with 72mm Filter Thread

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Universal Bayonet Style Lens Hood for Telephoto Lens with 72mm filter thread

  • Universal bayonet style lens hood designed for telephoto lenses with a 72mm filter thread
  • High quality product made by leading accessory manufacturer JJC
  • Blocks stray light, improving contrast and image quality
  • Easy to use
  • Made of hard plastic

The 'LS' series of lens hoods from JJC are intelligently designed to provide the benefits of a bayonet mount lens hood to any lens, namely the ability to quickly install, reverse and remove the lens hood. They come in two parts: a filter thread adapter and lens hood. The filter thread adapter screws into the filter thread of your lens or filter. The lens hood then connects to the adapter like a traditional bayonet mount lens hood.

*Please note that this lens hood requires a lens with a filter thread. While the hood itself mounts in a bayonet style, it mounts onto an included adapter that screws into the lens filter thread.

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Package Contents
  • 1x JJC Lens Hood (for lens with 72mm filter thread)