JJC Universal Bayonet Lens Hood for Zoom Lens with 52mm Filter Thread

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Universal Bayonet Style Lens Hood for Zoom Lens with 52mm filter thread

  • Universal bayonet style lens hood designed for zoom lenses with a 52mm filter thread
  • High quality product made by leading accessory manufacturer JJC
  • Blocks stray light, improving contrast and image quality
  • Easy to use
  • Made of hard plastic

The 'LS' series of lens hoods from JJC are intelligently designed to provide the benefits of a bayonet mount lens hood to any lens, namely the ability to quickly install, reverse and remove the lens hood. They come in two parts: a filter thread adapter and lens hood. The filter thread adapter screws into the filter thread of your lens or filter. The lens hood then connects to the adapter like a traditional bayonet mount lens hood.

The tulip shape is designed to provide maximum versatility possible when using a zoom lens. The sides of the lens hood are short to prevent vignetting, while the top and bottom lips are longer to block stray light from above and reflected light from below.

*Please note that this lens hood requires a lens with a filter thread. While the hood itself mounts in a bayonet style, it mounts onto an included adapter that screws into the lens filter thread.

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