Large Double-Sided 18% Grey (Gray) White Panel Card

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Double-Sided 18% Grey & White Panel
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Double-Sided 18% Grey & White Panel Card for Exposure & White Balance 30 x 30cm

This is a 30cm x 30m double-sided white/grey panel for accurate colour balancing and exposure. One side of the panel is 18% grey for setting exposure and the other side is white for setting colour balance.

Gray/white cards/panels are important tools for achieving technically correct images.

The 18% grey side of the panel allows you to determine the correct exposure level for your subject as it is the middle point in the scale of black to white. Simply place the grey card where your subject will be and in the exact lighting conditions you plan to shoot in. Then point your light meter or EV meter in-camera at the grey card to obtain the correct exposure reading for 18% grey.

The white side of the panel allows you to calibrate how your camera sees the colours in a scene. This provides for an accurate colour balance that is superior to your camera's auto white balance function, assuming you continue to reference with the white balance card whenever lighting conditions change.

More Information
ModelDouble-Sided 18% Grey & White Panel
  • 1 x Double-sided Grey/White Panel
  • Double sided panel
  • 18% grey side for accurate exposure
  • White side for correct colour balance
  • Achieve technically correct images
  • 30cm x 30cm large panel size allows for fast and easy readings