Nanguang CN-30F 30W LED Fresnel Spotlight CRI 95+

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CN-30F 30W LED Fresnel Light CRI 95+ Spotlight Continuous Lighting for Video

The CN-30F LED Fresnel light from Nanguang is a breakthrough in portable LED lighting for video. It takes the best qualities of LED technology (power efficiency, portability, low heat) and combines them with the best qualities of traditional studio fresnel lights (focusable beam, long throw, singular source with clean shadows). A single high output COB LED behind the fresnel lens of the CN-30F produces clean shadows which can be effectively cut using the included barn doors and other modifiers, eliminating the horrible multiple shadow patterns produced by standard LED panels.

The CN-30F is extremely lightweight with a range of features, including a CRI of over 95 for accurate colour rendering, passive noiseless air cooling, beam angle adjustment from 12 – 35 degrees and flicker free performance throughout the brightness range. The brightness is controlled by a stepless dimming knob on the rear of the unit and a meter directly above the knob indicates the current brightness level. The native colour temperature of the CN-30F is 5600K and three colour temperature filters are included for adjusting the colour temperature to 3200K, 4000K and 4800K.

The included AC power adapter has been certified for use in Australia and has a clamp for mounting it to a light stand. The CN-30F can also be controlled by DMX using the DMX address knob on the rear of the unit and the LCD display just above the knob displays the address as it is adjusted.

The CN-30F is also compatible with optional accessories (sold separately), such as a Bowens Mount Adapter and Remote Control.

More Information
  • 1x CN-30F Light (with attached U-shaped light stand connection)
  • 1x Fresnel Lens
  • 1x Australia Certified AC Power Adapter and Cable
  • 1x Barn Doors
  • 3x Colour Temperature Filters
  • 1x Carry Bag
  • Light source: 1 x high output LED COB bulb with a colour temperature of 5600K
  • Focusable fresnel lens with an adjustable beam angle of 12 to 35 degrees
  • CRI 95+ for accurate colour reproduction
  • Stepless dimming knob; a digital brightness display shows the current brightness level
  • Streamlined, compact and portable; suitable for use in a studio or on location