NP-FH100 Lithium Camera Battery (7.2v 2100mAh )

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Sony NP-FH100 replacement

NP-FH100 lithium battery for Sony camera camcorder NPFH100

Capacity: 7.2v 2100mAh

*This battery will not work with any camcorders that require "INFOLithium" batteries to operate.

This is a high quality generic replacement battery produced by one of the largest battery suppliers in China. They use superior manufacturing processes and greater quality control to advance product quality. While other sellers and batteries may appear similar, real performance can vary greatly.

*Please note that this is not an official product. Depending on your camera body and manufacturer, unofficial & unbranded batteries may not work with the electronic battery meter of your camera.

More Information
ModelSony NP-FH100 replacement

(1x) NP-FH100 lithium battery for Sony camera camcorder

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • High quality replacement battery
  • Output voltage 7.4v
  • Capacity 1600mAh
  • Works with all cameras and camcorders that take the Canon LP-E6N or LP-E6 battery