Portable Light Reflector System with 1.4m x 1m Gold/Silver Reflective Material

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Gorilla Film Gear

Flex Reflector Light Control System with Gold/Silver Material Studio Lighting

  • Lightweight, portable and easy to set up or disassemble; ideal for use outdoors and on location
  • Large 1.4m x 1m reflective surface for bouncing light
  • High quality reflective material; gold on one side, silver on the other
  • Mount adapter for mounting reflector onto a light stand (light stand sold separately)
  • 4 metal rods for mounting the reflective material onto the mount adapter

This is an intelligent reflector system designed to work with standard light stands that have a 5/8" spigot mount (light stand not included).

Once properly installed (please see images) the tension in the rods will keep the reflective material stretched and flat, allowing you to efficiently reflect small to large light sources without any additional grip equipment or personnel. The mount adapter, which can mount onto any 5/8 inch spigot, can also be tilted up or down to control the position of the reflector and the direction of the reflected light. 

*Please note that this package does not include a light stand. We recommend that it be used with a medium to heavy duty light stand with sand bags to secure the setup.

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