Professional Heavy Duty Studio C-Stand Century Stand with Gobo Arm & Grip Heads

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Gorilla Film Gear

Solid Metal C-Stand Century Stand Gobo Arm Grip Head Heavy Duty Studio Lighting.

  • Base snap-lock system allows for quick and easy set-up and take-down of the c-stand
  • Operating height 1.03m to 2.9m. Folded height 1.38m. Gobo Arm length 1m
  • Weighs 8.78kg fully assembled; load capacity of 20kg
  • High quality professional grade construction with a tube diameter of 3.5cm
  • Made of durable steel with good finishing to resist scratches and rust

The Gorilla Film Gear Century Stand is a professional grade C-Stand with a maximum height of 2.9m and a 1m gobo arm. It has three stages connected by heavy duty metal locks which are used to adjust the height of the stand. Each section includes shock absorbers for additional safety. The three legs at the base of the stand can be easily spread or closed using a snap-lock system. The one metre gobo arm includes two grip heads, one for attaching to the C-Stand and one for gripping equipment. 

C-Stands are an essential component of any film-making kit as they allow a higher level of control over lighting. The design of a C-Stand also allows them to be mounted side by side with the legs overlapping, enabling multiple stands to be used close together in small areas. They are primarily used to grip and finely position light modifiers. The solid construction and high load capacity also allows you to grip and position small to medium sized light sources.

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