Smart Mount Pack for Go Pro HD Hero 1 2 3 3+ 4 GoPro Mini Tripod Clip Zip Mount

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Smart Mount Pack
This pack includes three clever accessories for mounting your GoPro camera.
This pack includes three clever accessories for mounting your GoPro camera:

1. Mini Tripod/Hand Grip

This convertible device functions as both a hand grip and mini tripod without the need to detach your GoPro. Simply fold or unfold the tripod legs to rapidly change from a handheld shot to a mini tripod shot. The camera base at the top provides added flexibility to change the angle of your shot: you can pivot the base vertically while the screw connection to your GoPro allows you to rotate the camera horizontally.

2. 360 Degree Clip Mount

The device includes a set of teeth attached to a rotatable mounting plate for your GoPro camera. It allows you to grip anything that fits securely within its teeth, mount your GoPro and then rotate the camera 360 degrees in any direction.

3. Zip Mount

This mount functions like a zip tie, allowing you to mount your GoPro to anything that it can wrap around. It is ideal for mounting your GoPro to horizontal poles. The ball head connection also allows you to adjust the angle of your shot.
More Information
ModelSmart Mount Pack
  • Mini Tripod/Hand Grip
  • 360 Degree Clip Mount
  • Zip Mount
  • *Please note that the Zip Mount ball head will only tighten properly when the Zip Mount is upright (vertical). Attaching the mount at any other angle may place too much weight on the ball head preventing it from tightening properly