Smatree 'Jaws' Clamp Flex Arm Mount for GoPro Hero Camera 1 2 3 3+ 4 5 6 Go Pro

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'Jaws' Clamp Flex Arm

Smatree 'Jaws' Clamp & Flex Arm Mount

  • High quality product made by leading accessory manufacturer Smatree
  • Mini tripod head with 360 degree rotation for best shooting angles
  • Flex arm can be retracted and extended easily (max 13.4 inches)
  • Clamp opens to 1.8 inches wide for easy attachment
  • Compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras (1 2 3 3+ 4 5 6)

*Important: we recommend attaching this clamp only to stationary objects and not to anything that moves or vibrates as this can lead to flex arm instability.

The Smatree 'Jaws' metal flex arm clamp mount allows you to mount your GoPro on any physical object that fits within its strong spring-based teeth, such as a pipe or table edge, and to manipulate the position of your GoPro using the attached flex arm. The ball head mount at the top of the arm provides even more flexibility for choosing camera angles by allowing you full 360 degree rotation of your mounted GoPro.

*Please note that the Smatree brand is known for providing high quality GoPro accessories with a superior build quality and usability. While many of the GoPro accessories sold online by different retailers appear similar, the product quality varies considerably due to manufacturing standards.

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Model'Jaws' Clamp Flex Arm