Smatree Solid Metal Blue Wrench for GoPro Hero Camera 1 2 3 3+ 4 5 6 Go Pro

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Metal Wrench

Smatree Solid Metal Blue Wrench for GoPro Hero Go Pro 1 2 3 3+ 4 5 HD Hero

  • High quality product made by leading accessory manufacturer Smatree
  • Machined from high quality aluminium
  • Compatible with all standard metal and plastic GoPro screws
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras (1 2 3 3+ 4 5 6)

This Smatree metal wrench has been machined from high quality aluminium to provide a strong ergonomic tool for tightening screws when attaching your GoPro.

*Please note that the Smatree brand is known for providing high quality GoPro accessories with a superior build quality and usability. While many of the GoPro accessories sold online by different retailers appear similar, the product quality varies considerably due to manufacturing standards.

Compatible with all standard GoPro screws.

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ModelMetal Wrench