Solid Metal Flag Panel Frame with 4 in 1 Cover (Choose Size)

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Solid Metal Flag Panel with 4 in 1 Cover
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Solid Metal Flag Panel Frame & 4 in 1 Cover Light Control Modifier Reflector

This is 4 in 1 flag system is designed for controlling and modifying light. It includes a single solid metal frame which is designed to be used with a C-Stand or other mounting apparatus (sold separately). It also includes a 4 in 1 material cover which is easy to put on and take off the metal frame but is nonetheless solid and tight fitting, creating a flat even surface that can bounce and block light. The 4 in 1 material cover includes the following surfaces:

  • White bounce
  • Silver (reflective)
  • Gold (reflective)
  • Black (light blocking)

The solid metal frame and strong tight fitting cover result in a reliable piece of lighting gear essential for creative lighting. There are three sizes of the flag panel available:

  • 60cm x 45cm
  • 76cm x 60cm
  • 90cm x 76cm

*Please note that the frame cannot be disassembled and only one surface of the 4 in 1 cover (white, silver, gold or black) can be used at one time. You will need to remove the cover from the frame in order to switch surfaces.

More Information
ModelSolid Metal Flag Panel with 4 in 1 Cover
  • 1x Solid Metal Flag Panel with 4 in 1 Cover (select size)
  • Solid metal frame with no assembly required
  • 4 in 1 material cover: white bounce, silver (reflective), gold (reflective), black (light blocking)
  • Velcro seal for securing the material cover on the frame
  • Creates a flat even surface with which to bounce or cut light
  • Requires a mounting apparatus for use, such as a C-Stand (not included)