Studio Boom Stand including Light Stand, Extendable Boom Arm & 5kg Counterweight

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Gorilla Film Gear

Studio Boom Stand including Light Stand, Extendable Boom Arm & 5kg Counterweight.

  • Complete boom stand including light stand, boom arm, grip head and 5kg counter-weight
  • Boom stand assembled weight 7.895kg ; max load capacity 5kg
  • Spring cushioned light stand can be used independently; height adjustable from 1m to 1.7m
  • Boom arm with grip head for attachment to the light stand; boom arm extendable from 1.2m to 2.15m
  • Boom arm has a 5kg counter-weight at one end and a 5/8" spigot at the other for attaching equipment

The Gorilla Film Gear FT-501 boom stand is a medium-duty boom stand designed to carry loads up to 5kg.

The primary reason for using a boom stand over a C-Stand is the maximum boom arm length of 2.15m. This gives the FT-501 far more reach than a traditional C-Stand when positioning a boom microphone or other equipment. At the top end of the boom arm is a standard 5/8 inch spigot which allows you to mount any equipment with the matching connection.

The FT-501 boom stand includes 4 components which combine to form the boom stand:

1) Spring Cushioned Light stand (height extendable from 80cm to 2m)

This light stand has 3 stages connected by strong metal locks that can be adjusted to change the height of the stand. When not being used as part of the boom stand the light stand can be used independently as a traditional light stand as it has a standard 5/8 inch spigot at the top.

2) Boom Arm (extendable from 1.2m to 2.15m)

This boom arm has 2 stages connected by a sturdy metal lock which can be easily loosened and refastened to adjust the length of the boom arm. The end of the arm has a 5/8 inch spigot mount for attaching equipment.

3) Grip Head for connecting the boom arm to the light stand.

4) 5kg counter-weight

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