Weifeng Video Stabilizer with Handle Grip

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Camera Hand Grip Stabiliser Support for handheld video DSLR camcorder stabilizer

  • Fits cameras with a maximum height of 4.75" (120mm)
  • Weight without devices attached 332g. Dimensions (HxLxW): 8.27"x 9.84" x 3.62" (21cm x 25cm x 9.2cm)
  • Streamlined design, lightweight and portable with simple user operation
  • 1/4 inch screw thread for attaching to your camera
  • Cold shoe mount for attaching accessories

The Weifeng FH-01 stabilizer simplifies handheld low-angle shooting by allowing you to hold the camera in front of your body or by your side and follow the action. The ergonomics of the design are such that the foam grip is designed to be held from underneath, allowing you to shoot comfortably at heights below your waist, something which is generally difficult using traditional camera mounts.

The FH-01 base allows you to quickly position your camera on any flat surface such as a table or on the ground. The FH-01 has a ¼ inch male screw thread for attaching your camera and can fit cameras up to 12cm tall. The construction is ABS hard plastic so it is strong enough to hold DSLRs and lighter video cameras with a small to medium sized lens attached.

The FH-01 also includes a universal cold shoe mount at the top allowing you to mount additional gear such as an LED light or microphone.

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